the Ultimate Infinite Game

Better Everyday. Never Impossible.

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Why play?

Keeping score
for the win.

Do better. Get better. Be better.

The Guide

What's a guide?

What is this game?

The Ultimate Infinite Game is a competition that produces results everywhere. Unlike other finite games, this game is not 'zero sum'. Ultimately, it's up to the participant to make it unique and purposeful. The skills mastered in this game will prove worthwhile in the direction the participant chooses. Better Everyday. Never Impossible.

How do you play?

Strive for greatness. Playing this game means interacting with the skills that create mastery. The integrated scoring system gives each participant a fair measure, used along with streaks to build momentum and consistency. Skills mastered as a participant will produce results far outside the boundary of this game. Keep Moving.

Instructions and training are both integrated into the app. And if it doesn't make sense, then we have a failure to communicate. Keep those lines of communications open.
Roger. Over and Out.

Skills mastered?

Be surprised. Use the app, keep score, and you'll become a master.


Step in to the arena. Make a list of the things you regularly do to improve your life. Now check those boxes. Each one scores 100 ⭐s. Run up the score and come back for more.

If your chosen action involves any other, it's not really an action. That's an interaction. Since it's hard to score the result, we leave that up to you. Just be sure to do your part.
Do better. Get better. Be better.


Take your goals and make them quantifiable. Then progress your way to those goals and raise the bar. 100 Percent equals 100 ⭐s. Maybe more.

Your target may vary, from time to time. No matter how far away the goal is, there's always a step right in front of you. Test and measure. Adapt and overcome.

Is that all?

Negative ghost rider, the pattern is full. Of ideas. Here are some of ours.


We all have those breakthrough ideas, those inspired thoughts of magnificence, those laughs. Write them down quickly and easily. Plus, science says it's good for you. Go figure.

Our eyes provide a huge data highway to that magnificent brain of yours. Use colors and labels to organize those thoughts. Why not add an emoji for your mood too. Like a mood ring, with memory. Call it a mood journal. Interesting.


One of our neural superpowers is memory, if you don't recall. Symbolic data, which is everywhere, fills the highway and computes like an overclocked system. Good news, numbers are symbolic. Keep track of numbers that matter, because they often do.

If you've ever checked a debit card from day to day (or balanced a checkbook), you already know the pattern. There's no way an unexpected fluctuation would catch you scratching your head. Overclocked by numbers. Works great on weight too.

What's next?

Our hope is you'll help us with that one. The purpose for the game is to provide the underlying tools, in a fun and interactive way. And by tools, I mean skills. To be mastered. Those skills are necessary for achievement, on any level. Starting from the bottom.
Better Everyday. Never Impossible.

If you have any wild ideas or feature that would improve your experience, please let us know. We will add a suggestion box to the app shortly after release.

Why so serious?

Chills. Joker from The Dark Knight asked the same question, rhetorically of course. Work hard, play hard maybe?

"Those that can't do, teach. And those that can't teach, teach gym"

- Mr. S, The School of Rock

Well, if you don't want to teach, you better get to doing something. Start here, we have a catalog full of things to do. If you do want to teach, be an example first.

Seriously. Life experience, learned and otherwise, has provided this game. Benjamin Franklin had those self-improvement charts. Defining and accounting for building up himself in the way he imagined. Countless workout routines demonstrate patterns for health, strength, endurance, and power. Millions of pages are covered with words detailing the lessons of success, of achievement, and life. These patterns continue for a reason. They work. Give them a try, you have nothing to lose. This isn't a 'zero sum' game.
It's the Ultimate Infinite Game.